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Viter Agro is Innovation, technical expertise and guaranteed origin. The agricultural inputs brand of Votorantim Cimentos.


The soil is the basis of everything and, therefore, Viter Agro products were developed thinking specifically about the characteristics and needs of different agricultural cultures, so it is possible to analyze and correct, frequently, the most important part of your business.

Renew is power more.

Efficient and economical, Calcário Itaú renews all the productive potential of the soil so that you can have your maximum yield.
  • • Corrects acidity;
  • • Neutralizes toxic aluminum;
  • • Provided nutrients in depth;

Speeding up is power more.

The deadline your plantation asks for: renew your soil in days with immediate availability of high levels of Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg).
  • • Corrects acidity immediately;
  • • Can be applied in pre, post and coverage;
  • • Increases the efficiency of fertilizers;

Optimize is more power

Optmix facilitates and optimizes the management and operation of the soil with a solution with a high content of Calcium (Ca, Magnesium (Mg) and Sulfur (S).
  • • Optimizes and simplifies applications;
  • • Improves input storage management;
  • • Best cost-benefit ratio in soil preparation;

Protect is more power

Sungard is Viter’s sunscreen for leaves and fruits, a national product that does not harm the environment.
  • • Reduces oxidative stress
  • • Ensures thermal comfort
  • • Good adhesion and stability

What We Offer


Viter Agro believes that everything starts at the base and offers the best products for renewal, maximum potency and productivity of the most different types of soil and crops.

Viter Agro solutions offer continuous renewal so that you always have the best result.

Agronomic support

A team of specialists ready to help you achieve maximum productivity from your soil.


Commercial support

Find a sales team or representative near you.


Transport management

Choose the delivery that makes the most sense for you: FOB, freight contracted by the customer, or CIF, freight contracted by Viter Agro.



Check out our videos

Viter Agro has assembled a team of experts to create a 5-episode webseries made especially for you.

Learn all about agribusiness, soil profile correction and construction, sustainability, livestock and innovation.

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Check out everything about the agricultural inputs market to improve your crop results.

Featured News
Bruno Marin participates in Papo de Shelf with Ulisses Riba Velasco and talks about the Sungard launch

Bruno Marin participates in Papo de Shelf with Ulisses Riba Velasco and talks about the Sungard launch

Bruno Marin, Viter's Commercial Manager, participates in Papo de Shelf, a series of videos produced by the AgroRevenda Channel. A light, relaxed and full of content conversation conducted by Ulisses Riba Velasco. Bruno explained about the Viter brand, the agricultural inputs front of Votorantim Cimentos, which means LIFE on Earth. In addition, he talked about […]

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Featured News
High efficiency at high temperatures

High efficiency at high temperatures

Increasingly, the world is discussing the climate changes that affect our daily life here on planet Earth as well as affecting crops. Concerned with sustainability and the ecosystem, Viter Agro expands its product portfolio and launches Sungard this month. Sungard is a natural product, developed with technology […]

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Featured News
Learn more about Viter products and find out which one is ideal to enhance your soil

Learn more about Viter products and find out which one is ideal to enhance your soil

Viter's portfolio has three product families: Calcário Itaú, CalFértil and Optmix, all of which were developed with the characteristics and needs of each soil in mind, which requires specific solutions, depending on their conditions and agricultural culture. The soil is the basis of everything, so it needs to be frequently analyzed and corrected. The consultant of […]

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