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Learn more about Viter products and find out which one is ideal to enhance your soil

Viter's portfolio has three product families: Calcário Itaú, CalFértil and Optmix, all of which were developed with the characteristics and needs of each soil in mind, which requires specific solutions, depending on their conditions and agricultural culture. The soil is the basis of everything, so it needs to be frequently analyzed and corrected.

The sales consultant, Henrique Martins, points out that the Rio Verde region in the Southwest of Goiás is a savanna, with the soil predominantly acid, low pH and fertility. To guarantee the maximum soil potential of customers in the region, Calcário Itaú is recommended, a concealer based on calcium and magnesium carbonate, which increases the efficiency of fertilizers and neutralizes toxic aluminum.

With the chemical, physical and biological structures of the entire soil profile renewed and optimized, we have created a favorable environment for cultivation to express its greatest productive potential. Renewing is more power!



Felipe Vitório, also a sales consultant at Viter, says that CalFértil is a soil concealer based on calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide used as an alkaline fertilizer.

CalFértil has a fast action and is highly soluble, which allows it to travel through the lower layers of the soil. In addition to correcting acidity, the product also neutralizes toxic aluminum, increases the efficiency of fertilizers, provides nutrients for plants and improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil, favoring the development of roots. It is a versatile product that accelerates the renewal of the soil, being ideal for all crops and suitable for use in various stages of planting. Speeding up is more power!



Vinicius Moreira Rabelo, Viter's sales coordinator in the state of Mato Grosso, explains that Optmix is ​​the brand's product family that mixes limestone with plaster, using dolomite and limestone rocks and gypsum rock (natural calcium sulfate) ). These rocks are taken to the factories, where they go through the process of blend and then they are taken to the mill (Ball Mill and Hammer Mill are used) thus producing the Optmix filler and Optmix hammers.

The material is rich in calcium, magnesium and sulfur and has the characteristic of an application and two products, correcting the surface parts of the soil with limestone and correcting the deeper layers with plaster. Optimizing is more power!



Viter is constantly evolving and is constantly growing. Very soon our portfolio will be even bigger !!