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High efficiency at high temperatures

Increasingly, the world discusses the climate changes that both affect our daily life here on planet Earth, as well as affect crops.

Concerned about sustainability and the ecosystem, the Viter Agro expands its product portfolio and launches this month the Sungard.

Sungard is a natural product, developed with 100% national technology that basically guarantees protection for leaves and fruits that are punished by the sun's rays.

Solar radiation and high temperatures are responsible for decreasing photosynthesis, degrading enzymes, producing oxygen free radicals, scalding. Not to mention the damage to the plantation, which affects the quality of leaves and fruits and compromises productivity.

Sungard arrives to ensure greater protection to leaves and fruits, providing thermal comfort and a reduction in leaf temperature. Its formula is easy to dilute in spray syrup, and must be applied directly on the leaves and fruits.

After application, a protective layer is formed that helps to reflect the sun's rays, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by crops. And, in addition to thermal comfort, it helps to maintain the color of the fruit, does not affect photosynthesis and ensures greater productivity. Another important detail: Sungard it is non-toxic and does not affect the flavor of fruits and leaves.

Rich in calcium e magnesium, Sungard it is complete sun protection for the most varied cultures and will certainly soon become another indispensable product for the rural producer, mainly in citrus, coffee and vegetables. Which further reinforces the commitment of the Viter Agro with the development of agribusiness in the country.