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Agricultural Limestone Expedition Record

That awakening and perpetuating the maximum potential of the farmer's soil is our purpose you already know. But some of the information below may be new to you!

Brazil is today the world's largest producer of coffee and orange juice, the 2nd in the production of sugar and soy in grains and the 3rd in the world production of corn de. With “VI” for VITALITY and “TER” for EARTH, VITER brings essential solutions, building a lasting legacy in agribusiness and development in our country!

Viter's market presence in the last 3 years was 3,5% in limestone. Now, with our extended portfolio, we have reached 10%, delivering greater value to the market and reaching expressive numbers.

In 2020, more than 5 million tons of agricultural inputs, especially limestone, were sold and shipped by our business factories. According to the most recent data from Abracal (Brazilian Association of Agricultural Limestone Producers), the country produced 43 million tonnes of the input in 2019.

By 2024, we will invest an additional R $ 200 million in new products and in increasing the production capacity of our factories. Today, Viter products are produced in 8 Votorantim Cimentos factories and have already been applied to plantations in 16 states, in 903 cities in Brazil.

Viter's average production capacity is 343 kton / month, enough to load more than 12 carts with agricultural inputs.



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