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Awakening and perpetuating the maximum potential of the farmer's soil: this is Viter's purpose. A brand that combines the strength of Votorantim Cimentos with the exclusive focus on the agricultural segment.

We develop products that are renowned in agribusiness for their high quality standards and high purity content.

This differential is only possible thanks to the company's constant concern with the farmer's business and with the sustainability of its main resource for the viability of agriculture: the soil.

For this, we have deposits that are strategically distributed throughout the national territory and an industrial park with the largest installed capacity for the production of agricultural correctives in Brazil, which makes us the largest company in the sector in the country.

We have the experience, the solutions and the qualified technical assistance to renew, condition, optimize, accelerate and protect the productive potential of the soil, your crops, whatever the crop.

With Viter, your soil can do more.

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